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UMATAC Industrial Processes is the developer and supplier of the Alberta Taciuk Processes for extraction, recovery, and primary upgrading of hydrocarbons from oil shale, oil sand, and hydrocarbon waste materials.

The Alberta Taciuk Processor (ATP) is a thermal process used for extracting and recovering organic constituents that exist in a large range of feed materials.

Our office is located in Calgary, Alberta and we originally developed the ATP Technology for extraction and primary upgrading of bitumen from the Alberta oil sands in 1976. We have over 30 years of experience in oil sands, oil shales, and waste remediation. We operate an engineering office, a pilot plant, and research laboratory.

Our team of experienced engineers, technicians, and laboratory personnel have technical knowledge and field experience to support the continued development of the ATP Technology as well as investigate new applications for processing candidate feed material.

In 2010 UMATAC was acquired by Polysius, which has since been integrated into ThyssenKrupp Resource Technologies (TKRT). As of 2014 TKRT is business unit of ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions (TKIS). UMATAC and TKIS can offer complete services for mine planning, ore preparation, technology and equipment supply, oil upgrading expertise, and EPC services.